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Episode 83 - Is/Was Brewing with Strong Mike

October 7, 2019

Is/Was Brewing is small and it is new, and I suggest everyone put them on their radar now.  What my guest, Mike Schallau, is doing is completely different than everything we are consuming in the current Chicago market.  It is not a "never been done" scenario, but out side of Off Color, Afterthought, and a handful of others, no one is focusing on these Saison style beers.  There are other Fermentation forward breweries out there, but Mike is doing it with 5 barrel fermentors out of Marz Brewing in Chicago.  He is splitting off batches of the same beer and fermenting half straight up with a specific yeast and the other half with the same yeast but treating it with Brettomyces.  You can taste the beer as it is and as it was.  Please follow this young brewery:

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