Average Joe’s Above Average Beer Podcast

Episode 59 - Surrounded by Idiots w/ Hailstorm, More, Transient, Werk Force, Brickstone, Flesk & Rock Bottom Warrenville

October 8, 2018

 THE CREEEEAAAAMMMM RIIIIIISES TO THE TOP!  What a crazy day this one was.  This episode was originally going to be centered around the group texts between brewers Brandon Banbury, Steve Miller (Hailstorm), Chris Betts (Transient), Alex Lovinggood (Brickstone), Brando Wright (Werk Force), Shaun Berns (More), Erik Pizer (Rock Bottom Warrenville), and James and Will O'Brian (Flesk).  It turned into a giant Imperial Stout Collab called Surrounded by idiots.  So Alex reached out and asked if I could spend the day with them and just record some of the nonsense that ensues.  It was an amazing day, hopefully the audio reflects that.

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