Average Joe’s Above Average Beer Podcast

Episode 56 - Afterthought Brewing Co.

September 7, 2018

Afterthought Brewing was introduced to me by Ryan Jacobs of Saint Errant Brewing, in Episode 17 he referred to their beer as "HILL FARMSTEAD Level".. Saisons are not always thought of as the "Sexy" Style.  But god damn is Afterthought making some beautiful beers.  It is a small operation, but Mike and now his two brewers are just killing it.  You can only get his beer in Glen Ellyn at the OG suburban bottleshop The Beer Cellar.  Dave Hawley, owner of the Beer Cellar, has supported Mike's beer from the jump and helped get it into more people hands.  If you have not tried his beers I recommend driving there immediately.  We had a great conversation about the Past Present and future of Aftethought, including the great story of how it got it's name.  The world should look forward to more from this brewery.

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