Average Joe’s Above Average Beer Podcast

Episode 47 - Off Color Brewing John Laffler

June 28, 2018

I stepped foot in the MouseTrap for the first time.  The place was great, nice light refreshing beers and a side of Dark Matter coffee and great atmosphere.  But the reason I was there was to talk to a man who stays just about as true to himself and the integrity of his beer as possible in this industry.  John Laffler, co-founder of Off Color Brewing.  We talked about everything from the current state of things, to how he came up, his time at Goose, bee keeping, and the spark that led them to think up such an Off Color idea.  Let's open up a production brewery, but not make an IPA, or any other beer we don't want to.  John was honest real for every second of this conversation, and I thank him for that.  We need more true originals.

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