Average Joe’s Above Average Beer Podcast

Episode 46 - Elder Brewing Company

June 25, 2018

Another hometown brewery visit for me.  And these two reached a whole new level of LOCAL.  They support everything that is going on in the area.  They do not jump at events out of their area for more exposure, but choose to partner with businesses in there direct vicinity.  From the beer, to the music system, to the decor, local art, and locally made Beef Jerky by www.biteclubnoms.com, this place screams local.  They have a great story to tell and I am glad Melissa and Andrew told that story on my podcast.  I can not wait to get back there for their "Pizza Off" and some live local music.  Go help support them while they try to bring Downtown Joliet back to the forefront of entertainment.  And be sure to check out their amazing 100 year old floors.  Andrew is not afraid to talk about them!

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