Average Joe’s Above Average Beer Podcast

Episode 30 - Illuminated Brew Works IBW

April 18, 2018

Took a trip to meet Brian Buckman and his assistant brewer Tony to talk ancient conspiracies and secret societies.  Well, we mostly talked about Illumintaed Brew Works Beer, Sex Chairs, Kill Floors, Burning man, Bonfires, Yeast "Proping" and a host of other non-sense.  These guys could not have been nicer.  I loved hearing their story and drinking their world class beers.  We enjoyed some Purple Surp, Orange Sunshine, and a little Astronaut Ice Cream and just talked.  These two were just great guys, and I hopefully I fall into the category of "People they Trust".  Check them out, they have big plans coming down the line for a Bottle shop and Tasting room.

IBW Social Media:

Website (Be sure to sign up for their email list to get invited to the Bonfire Parties)





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