Average Joe’s Above Average Beer Podcast

Episode 28 - Windmill Brewing

April 9, 2018

We're going Dutch!  Dyer, IN has quite the gem on its hands in Windmill Brewing.  Besides Luther, their brewery cat, they also have tremendous beers made by dudes that just love beer and brewing it.  I sat down with the owners, Justin and Scott and their other brewer Mike and we just hashed out the Windmill Brewing story.  They are becoming well known for the "Milkshake" IPAs like Memes and Dreams and Two if by Citra, but they make a wide variety of styles and some pretty cool inventive stuff.  I left with a mad love for their Pink Lemonade Gose.  The color and taste will blow you away for sure.  Had bunches of fun with these fellas (And Luther the Brew Kitty).  Get out to Dyer and get to know them.

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