Average Joe’s Above Average Beer Podcast

Episode 13 - Miskatonic Brewing

February 14, 2018

Shield Maidens, Literature, Gypsies, and Collaborations are just a few things we covered.  Josh Mowry is one of the most engaging people I have talked to yet on the podcast.  He offered great insight on different perspectives of the beer world.  With their traditional approach to beer (With a little twist sometimes) they have created a badass little beer harth right off I55 on the frontage road off Cass Ave in the Southwest Burbs.  They have had the popular Hop Butcher fellas brewing out their facility for sometime now and Josh breaks down that dynamic when you have two different breweries with two different approaches under one roof.  Look out for their BA Russian Imperial Stout coming in early March "The Bell Witch".  And be sure to get to their taproom.

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