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BONUS EPISODE - Live Panel Discussion w/ Josh Noel (Writer), Josh Deth (Founder, Revolution Brewing), Denver Worker (Crafted 1979, Bob Iggins (Windy City Dist)

January 16, 2020

At the beginning of December Crafted 1979 hosted a panel discussion led by Josh Noel, Author of Barrel Aged Stouts and Selling out, Josh Deth, Founder and owner of Revolution Brewing, Bob Iggins, VP at Windy City Distribution, and Denver Worker, Owner of Crafted 1979.  Discussion was over an Hour long, and it includes parts of Josh's book, The recent purchase of Ballast Point by Kings and Convicts Brewing, and the current state of beer complete with predictions on the future of the craft beer industry.  It is a must listen for beer nerds everywhere.

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